Times New Keeferton Keef shows no signs of lethality or psychosis



DJ Unique: What is a word for being made enthusiastic about something?
DJ Unique:
like motivated, but not
DJ Keef:
Like when you have been "sold" on something?
DJ Unique:
DJ Keef:
What's the context?
DJ Unique:
"I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to show us around. I was very impressed and ... by your program."
DJ Keef: Excited?
DJ Unique: Perhaps.
DJ Keef: Enthralled?
DJ Unique: Nah.
DJ Keef: Embonered?
DJ Unique: Yes.
DJ Unique: "Dear Rebecca, I was embonered by your youth center and would like to help you realize your new curriculum."
DJ Keef: You're welcome.
DJ Unique: Thank you. I think that shows not only professionalism, but grace.

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