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So here’s a weird thing

So, as any self-respecting blogger does, I keep an eye on my website traffic. It's an old habit, even though this thing gets basically no traffic these days-- a combination of my failing to update on any regular schedule, the slow and steady descent of my site among website rankings, and my failure to use any type of SEO at all (which is pretty intentional, you can stop commenting about it, spambots).

But there's one thing that I've noticed for a couple years now, and it's pretty bizarre and strange.

Consistently, the page on my blog that gets the most hits-- or did, until today-- was a "31 Days of Horror" movie review page called "Whoops My Titty: The Movie." The blog is basically a review of a (really good) BBC production called Schalcken the Painter (1979).

The blog has a number of screenshots from the movie. Some of the screenshots show a little (tame, BBC-style) nudity.

For years, I've gotten a lot of search referrers using the following terms:

horror nudity
whoops my titty the movie
31 days of horror part 3
schalcken the painter titty
titty movie
whoops my titty
cheryl kennedy schalken
schalken the painter nudity
whoops my titty movie
cheryl kennedy actress schalcken the painter
schalcken the painter 1979 ending pics

This is simultaneously hilarious and weird.

This tells me that this is probably one person. It tells me that instead of bookmarking the single page that they are super-interested in, they choose to-- sometimes on a daily basis-- do a search for terms that they know will return the page they want to see.

It tells me that they don't want to just save the images and text.

It's weird.

Dear reader: is this you? Why have you done this? Leave me a comment, if it's you.

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