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I finally got off my ass and finished the Heavy Drinker’s Guide to Iowa City. I’m quite proud. Tell me what you think

So I’m taking this class called “Philosophy Through Film.” Today, we watched select scenes from Total Recall. I shit you not. We’ve been discussing Descartes and his “Brain in a Vat” ideas. Descartes cast doubt on the idea that anything can be known, and extended his ideas to the fact that we have physical existence. He hypothesized that we could merely be brains in vats undergoing an intense hallucinatory experience.

I never would have thought that it could be possible to discuss Descartes with one of Arnold Schwartzenegger’s shittier movies as debate material. But it’s true. I swear to God. Or… the protector of my vat. Whichever happens to be the case.

I guess that’s it. Most of my creative energy today was spent on The Heavy Drinker’s Guide To Iowa City, which I’m very proud of.


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