Good Times, Great… things… or something.

So I was talking to my Mom a few minutes ago about writing. She’s a good poet. We were talking a little bit about writer’s block and ways around it and she suggested that I write about events in my life. I said, “Well, my memory’s pretty shitty. I don’t remember a lot of ’em.”

She said, “That’s not true. I was thinking about that time- you were at summer camp, or some kind of camp- and you stuck that toilet plunger on your ass.”

Yeah, great, ma. I want to let the world know all about the time I stuck a toilet plunger to my bare ass when I was ten.

She also suggested that I write about the time I was eleven and going bike riding. I had my head in the clouds, as per usual, and I wasn’t watching where I was riding. Instead of watching the sidewalk, I was staring at the sky or something, enjoying the wind on my face as I rode down this hill. I didn’t see the barricade until I was flipping over the goddamn thing. Landed on my hands, broke both my wrists. I stood up, my wrists sticking out at improbable angles from the rest of my arms, and wandered to the nearest house, where I pounded on the door with my elbows, gave them my phone number, and passed out on their kitchen floor.

Goddamn. Didn’t I do anything when I was a kid that was cool?

Today in my Philosophy Through Film class, we watched the latter half of The Matrix and my professors blathered about it for a while. They kept asking these dopey dopey questions, and I couldn’t figure out if they were being deliberately obtuse or not. It was like this:

Professor: So, the people in the pods have the spike in their brains. The matrix is a computer program that relays electrical impulses to the brain-spikes. Then the people’s brains- the people are having these hallucinatory experiences. And their brains somehow interact, they fire more electrical impulses which instantaneously affect the matrix as well as the other people who are close to them within the matrix.
Student: Yeah, that’s right.
Professor: And the people in the pods- they’re somehow thinking that they’re acting within the matrix, and their thinking happens in the matrix, and other people in the matrix experience it too.
Student: Yes.
Professor: But the people are in the pods. They’re not actually moving. They just think they’re moving. In the matrix, they’re moving. And their movement within the matrix impugns on the other people in the matrix’s hallucinatory experience.

Student: Yes. Yes, goddammit, yes.
Professor: And somehow, the brain-spikes relay the electrical impulses within the brains of the pod-people through the matrix.
Student: Oh dear sweet Jesus, kill me now.
Professor: And then the matrix relays the electrical impulses from the brain-spikes to the brain-spikes of the other people, and somehow they interpret it the same way as the people whose brain-spikes sent the electrical impulses initially. Within the shared hallucinatory experience provided by the matrix.
Student: I’m going to fucking drive a screwdriver into my eye now.


Anyway. I got the camera for filming this weekend. I hope it goes well. I really want to start editing this thing next week. Pray for me, that I get all the shots I need done this weekend

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