So… Tired… Must… Forge… Ahead

So today was a very long and arduous day. It’s a Monday, so “long and arduous” kind of comes with the territory. In addition, I had a mid-term today in my Philosophy Through Film class. You remember how I was talking about how the professors were having all these problems with The Matrix? Well, one of the questions on today’s test was

5. Do you think, as in The Matrix, that a hallucinatory experience can be shared with other hallucinators?

I’m paraphrasing, but shit. So I talked about Quake 3 and Everquest and all those lame-o games, and how advances in technology would make VR a reality within 20 years, and that not only did I think it was possible, I thought we’d see it within our lifetimes.

Today was also the first day that my Fiction Writing class had a workshop. It went pretty well.

But since I had to do both of those pretty big things, I’m damn frazzled. Plus I had to work tonight and it was BORING BORING BORING.

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