blah. blah blah blah goddamn blah.

Okay. Not a whole lot happened today. I went to class. I came home and showered. I went to work. I came home and napped. That’s it. Nothing interesting.

I worked a little bit in my head on the novel, but I haven’t started “Double Jewish Bacon Sisters” yet.

Let’s see. Oh! This guy I know Jeff runs a pretty cool page with one of my best buds in high school, Cap’n Josh “Smokey” Toosuave. I read their page every day, and The Cap’n tossed me a link yesterday and Jeff tossed me a link today. They’re sweethearts. Drinky drinky sweethearts. Go read their page. It’s entertaining as all get-out. CLICK HERE, FUCKO.

I meant to scan some of the pictures Mike and I drew in our Philosophy class this last week. I’ll do it later tonight if I remember.

Here’s a picture of some lions.

Okay. Tonight I’m going out to a bar and I’m going to drink. This is gonna be the first time I’ve done it in a long time. It shall be in a spirit of cameraderie with Jeff and Cap’n Josh “Smokey” Toosuave. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember to scan those cartoons sometime soon.


I woke up this morning after having had the strangest dream. I had this little pet, and I referred to it as a chameleon, but it was really more like a grasshopper with pebbled, leathery skin and iguana eyes. I had this little plastic cage, it was a foot-long cylinder that stood on one of the ends. About two inches up from the bottom was a one-inch-square hole through which the creature could enter and exit.

The police started harassing me for something. They picked up the cylindrical plastic cage, obviously not knowing what it was, and one of the cops started laughing. I think he mistook it for a bong or something for which I could be arrested. As he was laughing, the creature hopped out through the hole and right into his mouth, where it landed on his tongue. It took him until he closed his mouth to realize that there was a foreign object in it, at which point he turned beet red and spit it out. He tried to stomp it with his gestapo boots, but I didn’t see if my chameleon-creature escaped or not.

Anyway, I got hauled off to jail. Then I woke up.

So class was frustrating again today. I think I’m going to avoid Philosophy classes as long as I can. Maybe I’ll post some of the cartoons that my roommate Mike and I drew while in our Philosophy class last semester. The frustration isn’t worth the painful lack of learning offered in philosophy classes. It’s mindless pseudo-arguing, resulting in no answers or insights. Dammit.

Oh! Yeah! I came up with a good idea for a novel. And also I think I’ve got a good lead for this short story class. I’ll keep you updated on the short story thing. The working title is “Double Jewish Bacon Sisters.” It might turn into a collaborative novel.