Times New Keeferton Keef shows no signs of lethality or psychosis


blah. blah blah blah goddamn blah.

Okay. Not a whole lot happened today. I went to class. I came home and showered. I went to work. I came home and napped. That's it. Nothing interesting.

I worked a little bit in my head on the novel, but I haven't started "Double Jewish Bacon Sisters" yet.

Let's see. Oh! This guy I know Jeff runs a pretty cool page with one of my best buds in high school, Cap'n Josh "Smokey" Toosuave. I read their page every day, and The Cap'n tossed me a link yesterday and Jeff tossed me a link today. They're sweethearts. Drinky drinky sweethearts. Go read their page. It's entertaining as all get-out. CLICK HERE, FUCKO.

I meant to scan some of the pictures Mike and I drew in our Philosophy class this last week. I'll do it later tonight if I remember.

Here's a picture of some lions.

Okay. Tonight I'm going out to a bar and I'm going to drink. This is gonna be the first time I've done it in a long time. It shall be in a spirit of cameraderie with Jeff and Cap'n Josh "Smokey" Toosuave. Hopefully I'll be able to remember to scan those cartoons sometime soon.

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