Sixteen Tons– What Do You Get?

Long day today.

I did my radio show last night from one to four AM. Then I got home around four-thirty, and it took a half hour to get to bed. Then I had to get up at nine, shower, and go to work in time for opening at 10:00. Then I worked till 7:00, came home. It was an incredibly long day, working. This is the first job I’ve had where I’m on my feet the entire time. My back aches, my feet go numb. But hey- I get to read all the comics I want.

For example. From Uncanny X-Men #94:

Don’t that just tug at the old heartstrings? I know I feel sorry for him. Him and his cursed, mutant, energy-blasting EYES! Yeah.

As I read these ancient comics, I’ll occasionally borrow some, bring them here, and scan some choice panels so that you’ll see exactly what can be expressed through sequential art, or “comic books.” What potential!

So anyway. Had a wonderful dinner of homemade maple hot wings, watched Nurse Betty, and now I’m going to sleep so I’ll have lots of rest before I get up tomorrow and work for nine hours. Yay.

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