Avast, Ya Scurvy Slobs!

So today I was trying to blast my jet-peg free, to no avail. Then I tried to unstrap my jet-peg. My hands kept slipping. I yanked and yanked at that cursed, mutant, energy-blasting jet-peg.

In other news, I worked more and more today. Another big long day. Hopefully I get another big big paycheck out of it. I ordered some more shoes. I bet you’re really interested in the mundane details of my mundane life. CIO

I have to read four more short stories and write critiques for class tomorrow. One of ’em is really, really bad. Incredibly, horrifically bad. Oh god, it’s so bad. I don’t know what I’m going to say when we all have to spout off positively.

“Um… it’s good that it wasn’t longer. Ahhh… you did a good job keeping adverbs from cluttering up the descriptions. Ummm… you make some great fries at Mickey D’s. Don’t quit your day job, kid, stick to what you’re good at- flipping burgers.”

I read it twice, and I honest to god had a headache. Thanks, buddy. Your “talent” makes me want to vomit. Man, it’s a good thing I can spout off here. If I had to do it tomorrow, I’d constructively critique my boot right into his crotch. Emphasising certain words with kicks to the jewels. “DO your goddamn RESEARCH you’re an IDIOT can I have FRIES with that?”

I’ve found a couple more beautifully artistic and expressive comics panels. One is above, detailing the demise of shitty Iron Man villain Kraken. Here’s another one that I found, from the Incredible Hulk. I love this one for the dumb-ass exposition.

Okay, I’m gonna get cracking. Tomorrow I’ll have to coolest ad ever for y’all. Honest to god. Coolest ad ever. I promise.

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