Times New Keeferton Keef shows no signs of lethality or psychosis



BizzaroClark: Ok, I was working at the YMCA and this little kid who was 4 and mennonite was talking to me, and was looking at my car and asked me, "What is this?" and I replied, "It's a pen," and he wanted to see it, so I let him. He took it and drew a picture of a "t" and said, "This is the cross that Jesus died on."
KeefKeefKeefKeef: YAY
BizzaroClark: I gave him the pen too
BizzaroClark: He thought it would rip through paper
BizzaroClark: He had never seen one
KeefKeefKeefKeef: Weird.
BizzaroClark: Yeah
BizzaroClark: But he knows who Spider-Man is

And now, here it is, ladies and gentlemen-- THE COOLEST AD IN THE WORLD.

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