Reveals That Evil Plot, Man!

The Bad Mother Fucker Reveals his Evil Plot to Fuck Up Detective Soulman.

Let’s see. Philosophy class. Only another few days of this. I have to have a paper for Friday, and I have to take a final on friday. Also, I need a revised draft of my chapter. Plus I need to work 35 hours again this week. Can I Do It???

Yeah, sure, I guess. I won’t be happy about it, though. Maybe I’ll even ask for Wednesday off. Yes. That sounds nice. I think I shall.

So today was the day my thing got workshopped. Everyone liked it. Not to yank my own chain or anything. The only thing that wasn’t well liked, they said, was that it lacked a “hook.” Yes. Lacked a “hook.” Professor said, “Why should I keep reading?” A “hook.” Yes.

Thing is, I thought I had a goddamn hook. I thought there was a thing called “subtlety” and you didn’t need to “bang” modern “audiences” on the “head” with “things.” I guess I was wrong. GODDAMN WRONG. You unappreciative crass crude bastards! Can’t you understand the subtle hook? Oh boo hoo. That’s me crying, not you.

So I finally scanned in Mike’s and My cartoons about our Philosophy class. Here you go.

Mike's Cartoon. Keef's Cartoon.

I think they’re pretty funny. They’d probably be funnier if you’d taken the class.

Hmmmmm. Let’s see. Oh, I was cleaning out my closet today and I found this big motherfucking spider. Man, it’s huge. I caught it under a glass and it’s sitting on a piece of paper on the kitchen table. It’s really grossly gargantuan. Now I’m afraid that all its babies will come crawling out of the woodwork while I sleep and slowly eat me alive after injecting me with nervous-system-numbing venom, so I won’t be able to move but will feel EVERYTHING as their tiny jaws remove parts of my face and eyes, chunk by tiny chunk.

So if I don’t update in the next couple days, you’ll know what happened to me.

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