Man o Man. I haven’t been getting much sleep. I slept for three hours last night and I’m probably going to get about three hours tonight. But the upside of being almost hallucinatory when I do my schoolwork is that I always feel like everything that I write is pure goddamn genius. This book? Man, I’m revising the shit out of the first chapter, and it’s going to be finely honed into a battle-ax of literary fantasticness with which I shall behead all those other lame-o authors. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So I was talking to my mom today and I was bitching about how that fucker George W. Bush fucked me over with his “Aid For the Rich” tax cut, and my mom related my Grandfather’s three rules about money, which are:

1) It never comes as soon as you thought it would.
2) It’s never as much as you thought it would be.
3) It never goes as far as you thought it would.

In my experience, this has always been the case. Except for that time in 1998 when I was working at the Brown Bottle for like a week and then I dropped that dish and it cut my tendon and I got like this fucking massive $700 worker’s compensation check. Man, that shit was the bomb-diggity. Word up. To your mom.

Last night I was talking to Wes about stuff. He was drinkety-drinking. I recalled that I still had all his old comic strips. I scanned some of them for his enjoyment. Here’s one of ’em for the enjoyment of all of you out there. This one always makes me laugh.

(NOTE: that was drawn years ago and Leech draws much better now. Although I still think that shit’s pretty fucking funny.)

I was telling the Wes that I thought it would be really cool if he did a fairly regular comic strip for keef dot org. Like, I dunno, weekly or something. Or monday-wednesday-friday. Or some shit, I don’t know. What do y’all think? Tell me. Or, what the hell, Tell Wes.

Okay. Now I need to get back to all this goddamn work. Jesus fucking Christ. Tomorrow I’m gonna see Planet of the Apes. I’m looking forward to that quite a bit. Plus I might sleep some. That sounds nice too. Goddamn.

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