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what a long strange vacation it’s been

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well, that was certainly liberating.

So  I just deleted all eight years' worth of blog entries prior to this one.  I cleared out the homedir completely, and reinstalled the new version of wordpress from scratch.  The time has come to wipe the slate clean!  I shall take this once-great blog that has floundered and died and create something new in its image.

I've become less concerned with putting forth a lot of toothless blather, and I'm spending more and more of my time reading, whether it be philosophy books or political blogs or novels, and even more time thinking and composing.  There's a lot of crossover, there, too, between 'reading' and 'thinking,' in that I've been doing pretty immense amounts of research for the book that I'm writing.

So I'm thinking I'm going to use this blog as a repository for tangents, for problems that I run into during my researches, and for snarky asides and pictures of my cats and my friends.  I don't know that the actual content will change very much, but I can tell you that I feel much better for having cleared away eight years of old, dry brush.  I had been feeling uncomfortable with some of the things that were on the old blog being out there for the world and everybody, so I'm trimming it back and refocusing the laser.

In practice, it'll still be much of the same, I imagine, just fresh and new and clean.

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