1. They don’t use the stage. Every time I’ve seen them– which is a lot— they always either start the show off the stage down in the audience, or start on the stage and then quickly move down into the crowd. It’s immediate and awesome. I’ve destroyed some of my favorite clothes at Monotonix shows.

2. They always go up.

3. Always. I’ve seen the singer supported by the crowd’s hands next to the drummer, whose stool and entire kit were supported by crowd hands, next to the guitarist, laying on his back and straight-up throwing down. They’re not the only ones who go up– a couple years ago our friend Jim went up, surfed around uncontrollably, and kicked Barb in the face, causing her glasses to fly off into the crowd and get ground into powder. That, my friends, is rock and roll.

4. Death-defying stunts! He jumped off, but I was too busy catching him to take a picture of it. They always climb all over the place. One show we attended, the show ended when everyone marched out of the venue into the street, blocking traffic completely. The drummer set up in the middle of the street, the singer scaled a lamppost and then the side of a building and never stopped scream-singing. We rocked out on the street until an ambulance came down the road with sirens blaring. Then the show ended. That might have been the same show where Jim kicked Barb in the forehead, come to think of it.

5. Wanton destruction! They carried the drum kit to a trampoline down the way a little bit from the stage, set it all up in a tower, and then threw a snare at it, sending it skittering and bouncing like bowlingpins. I’ve seen them set things on fire, punch through snares, coat each other with garbage, and nearly die multiple times.

Man, I love that band.

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  1. kathleen says:

    the show where they went out in the street was indeed the same show where jim kicked barb’s glasses off. i was there!

    monotonix aren’t coming to denver on their current tour. i’m pissed.

  2. ben says:

    i don’t remember if it was this band or the one after it, i think the one after it who was worse, but one of them stuck a drinking fountain up their butt.

    it was in the middle of the bridge across the river in austin.

    he sat on the drinking fountain, and got it up his butt. Do not drink out of that fountain.

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