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6 Responses to PHOTOBOOTH ART #48

  1. Marc Bellini says:

    An exhibition of automatic photography by Parisian photographer Marc Bellini
    Opening Reception: 6.30 – 8.30 pm 8 September 2011
    Exhibition: 9 September – 29 September

    Bicha Gallery
    7 Gabriel’s Wharf
    56 Upper Ground
    South Bank
    London SE1 9PP

  2. Keef says:

    It’s not actually a beard tail, it’s just already-shaved-off scruff that came to rest there.

  3. Jen the Hen says:

    Did you keep the beardtail?

  4. Keef says:

    Hi, Skitty! Thanks, Harold! John Morman went on the trip with me. I had to go to six different places to find a functional analog photobooth.

  5. Haroo says:

    Totally worth the effort. I love the genius of the last frame.

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