“Do you know what happens if you do another turn in the joint?” “I’ll fuck your father in the shower and have a snack?! Are you gonna charge me, dickhead, or what?”

Saturday. What a day. Drinking coffee. Updating this thing.

Last night was fun. Keef and I went and played Raquetball at the fieldhouse. I’ve never played before so it took some getting used too, but it was fun.

Then I went to his radio show with him. You probably weren’t listening in, but if you were I was the one who suggested you slit your wrists. Tee hee. Tee hee.

Let’s see. Where should I start.

I’m listening to the new Fugazi album right now. It’s supposed to come out ’til monday and I’ll be buying a proper copy as soon as I can, but for now this awesome downloaded version works for me.

It’s incredible. I love Fugazi. They get better and better and better with every album. Now they have 2 drummers. Amazing I tells ya, amazing.

Tonight is too include more raquetball and who knows what else.

1 week ’til Murder City Devils hit this town. I can hardly wait. I love that band alot. Too bad they’re breaking up after this tour.

I found out the other night that some friends of mine from Omaha and Lincoln will be playing up here November 24th. My friends Ian and Joe are in this band called Tetsuo and they’re bringing along one of my favorite bands from Lincoln, NE: Rocket FM. I’m pretty pumped.

Also, Faultlines will be playing in Omaha on December 1st with Piebald and the Lawrence Arms. That’s 2 neat shows within a week of each other. Goodtimes. Goodtimes.

Hmmmmm, what else?

Union Suit still coming in the mail.

Pay Day a week away.

1 easy assignment for Creative Writing, still not done. I’ll do it tommorow…

I need to take my empty cans back. I have too many. Entirely too many. Damn.

Oh yeah.

Do me a favor.

Get a postcard.

Write a haiku on it.

Do not sign your name, leave the card anonymous.

Send to:

The Haiku Postcard Foundation
PO Box 10072
Iowa City, IA 52244

I am not making this up.

That is all.

Have a nice day.

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