2002-01-26 – 2:29 p.m.

Last night was a lot of fun. It found me over at the Potata House drinking with Dano, Ross, Jess, and assorted others. Fun times. I like sitting around and shooting the shit with my friends. It’s fun. It was a lot more laid back than usual and I like that.

I ended up back home at 3:00. Jess and I left Potata looking for a party, people to yell at on the streets, etc. If you were by chance someone I yelled at, I apologize. I was very drunk.

I just realized in the shower this morning that I stole several gas caps off cars in a garage. That was a bad idea. I think I won’t do that ever again. Just for the record they were nicer cars than any of my friends or people I know own, so don’t get too peeved at me for it. One of them was a convertible. It was cherry red.

I have five beers in my fridge. I had six but one kept falling out and I dropped it in a lot at one of the parties we tried to invade. It shot beer everywhere. I lost that little soldier.

Oh yeah. The free keg at the party across the street was a bonus too. Man. Last night was fun. If this seems random and out of order of the events, I assure you it makes perfect sense if you experienced last night.

I fucking love college.