instead your legs should be standing up
instead of folding your hands you should be giving them out

instead of turning your back you should be showing your face

why do you walk away

hot water music, facing and backing

I got the new ink done yesterday and that went really well. I’m really happy with how it came out.

now, granted I’ve only had two tattoos, but this is something I’ve learned:

tequilla, jagermeister, and beer gets rid of the new tattoo feel a whole hell of a lot quicker than tylenol. so I recommend, the alcohol approach to just about everyone.

I had fun last night. I was good to see mike, barb, keef, and Harold. I really should be over there more. I think that’s my new year’s resolution. hang out with all my pals a lot more. yeah.

tonight should be fun too. it’s been a few months since i last saw meth and goats. i’ll be definently looking forward to that show.

and i think that about wraps it all up for now.

Tonight’s Forecast:

Drunk as a poet on payday.


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