“The things youve grown to love will grow to hate you in the end. Be warned. You are not what you think you are.” –

Goddamn. I need a band again big time. I miss playing with other people. I miss playing for other people. I miss that feeling you get when you throw 3 people together and make music.
It’s been over a year since the last time I played in a band. I really miss it.

I’ve never really talked about it in here too much, or outside of here a lot. We were never really big locally or anything, but it was fun playing dammit, and towards the end people would come to the shows we played.

I’ve been thinking about it again a lot lately. This year, what with having the single room and all, it’s been really easy to play with an amplifier anytime of day, and just rock out by myself. I hated playing when my room mate was around last year because we didn’t appreciate the same music at all and he’d just get annoyed when I’d sit there toying with riffs for a couple hours trying to give them their own shape and what not.

I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Those were good times. We opened for some good bands (NO KNIFE, was the best one by far).

Oh well. Enough whining from me for now. But man do I miss that.

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