2003-03-07 – 12:55 a.m.

May I pretend: man, I make like less then 8 to wrestle mentally retarded people

May I pretend: haha

TheRobotMonkey: that sounds like a pay-per-view event

TheRobotMonkey: Tard Wranglin’

May I pretend: yeah, I’m actually training for the tardtackle championship this April

TheRobotMonkey: You better beat those tards down

May I pretend: yeah, I go to practice every day after school

May I pretend: it’s pretty intense.

TheRobotMonkey: do you psyche them out by screaming things like “look it’s big bird!” or “there’s a ninja turtle on a pony!”?

May I pretend: haha

TheRobotMonkey: if I was a tard, that’d get my attention

May I pretend: I feel so dirty for talking like this

May I pretend: hahah

May I pretend: I’m going to go pray for my soul now

TheRobotMonkey: you can light a candle and count rosary beads for my soul tommorow

TheRobotMonkey: I’ll be at the Omaha Beef game

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