TheRobotMonkey: Wanna ear?

Jules Slander: NO. FUCK YOU, MCNASTY.

TheRobotMonkey: oh come on. you can put it on a key chain for good luck

Jules Slander: sick dude. die.

TheRobotMonkey: I clean them

TheRobotMonkey: daily

Jules Slander: die?

TheRobotMonkey: just think. you can pull it out at parties and it’ll blow people’s minds

Jules Slander: this conversation is OVER.

TheRobotMonkey: goddammit, you totally want an ear

TheRobotMonkey: just admit it

Jules Slander: shut up!

Jules Slander: yoy belligerent fuck! sick!

TheRobotMonkey: how about a big toe?

TheRobotMonkey: or even the little one

TheRobotMonkey: this piggy went to market…

Jules Slander: jesus christ, bill. fuck you.


TheRobotMonkey: Ok.

TheRobotMonkey: You win.

Jules Slander: heh.

TheRobotMonkey: How about my ring finger?

Jules Slander: FUCK

Jules Slander: OFF

Jules Slander: FUCKER.

TheRobotMonkey: ok ok ok

TheRobotMonkey: tough crowd

TheRobotMonkey: sheesh

Jules Slander: as per usual.

TheRobotMonkey: I’d give my arm and a leg for a… oh yeah

Jules Slander: you are being soooo bill. this must end.

Jules Slander: in death.

TheRobotMonkey: I don’t even know where this is coming from. I’ve never tried forcing people to take my toes before

Jules Slander: do you know how much i hate feet anyhow? not to mention severed parts of them?

TheRobotMonkey: What if I ball it up and put it in a sock>?

TheRobotMonkey: wait wait wait

TheRobotMonkey: let me save you the trouble

TheRobotMonkey: DIE BILL

TheRobotMonkey: DIE

TheRobotMonkey: DIE

TheRobotMonkey: DIE

TheRobotMonkey: Ok, better?

Jules Slander: there you go. done and done.

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