Shot in the Arm

So I went into work yesterday and one of the supervisor’s I don’t usually talk to came up to me and told me that after I clocked in he wanted to talk to me in the back office.

Immediately, I was wondering what I did.

I went back and sat down.

“Hey, how would you like another Job with this new group we’re starting? You’d be great for it!” he said.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then we went over the job. I took it.

Basically, what I do right now is help toothless morons from south of the mason dixon line get on the internet. With my new job, I’ll still be doing support for earthlink customers, but through a group that’s sponsored by the USAA for retired Military Officers. I’ll be able to do more teching for more complex problems than I am currently allowed to do, and I’ll be in on the ground floor for this new group.

That basically means, I have a good chance of being able to get promoted as a supervisor with the next few months. That’s how the center I work in right now has worked out anyway. The people who are supervisors and quality advisors are all the people who started working on the phones in the places.

My training begins on friday and runs through monday. I’m pumped.

And then I got to watch Elvis host the Letterman show. It ruled. Don’t worry Drunk-Jules, I taped it.

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