Guy on the Phone: How can I keep Adult Pop Ups from flashing up on my screen?
Me: Don’t look at Adult Websites.
Guy on the Phone: Fuck You. (hangs up)

[USAABill] I hate people who talk to themselves on the telephone
[USAABill] it adds a whole new dimension to weirdness
[Tiffanie] yep
[Tiffanie] or when people dont want to stop talking
[Tiffanie] it makes me sad cuz what if they’re lonely
[USAABill] oh they definently are. On Christmas eve I worked until 8:00. From about 4:00 on, I only talked to lonely Jewish guys in New York
[Tiffanie] hehe
[USAABill] they’d always point out that they were Jewish
[USAABill] and I’d be reading their account information thinking “Duh!”
[USAABill] who else names a kid “Hymen”?
[Tiffanie] hehehe

Today was a pretty good day. It was very laid back. I couldn’t have asked for more as it’s my friday on wednesdays. Right now I’m drinking a Corona and doing laundry.

Tonight is also my night off from my newfound hobby of jogging. I’ve gone four days in a row, and scheduled tonight as my night of rest. Tommorow morning I’m going to start working it into my morning routine. That should be nice.

Also tommorow, I am picking up my newly aquired Lowery Organ. I’m pretty excited. Even though I can’t currently play the organ, I’m excited to learn. This will be my second new hobby.

Just picture me on Elimidate as the eligble bachelor explaining his hobbies:

Me: I’m into Organs and Jogging.
Girl #1: See ya, Chump.
Girl #2: What the hell?
Girl #3: (throws diet coke in my face)

Ok, that was a bad example.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to own an organ. And on that note (that pun was totally unintended, I just considered backspacing that even), I have whites to wash.

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