stewymcstewstew: is david even still alive?
TheRobotMonkey: no.
stewymcstewstew: ohh ok
TheRobotMonkey: not since I killed him.
stewymcstewstew: when was that?
TheRobotMonkey: a couple days ago
TheRobotMonkey: it smells pretty bad around here now
stewymcstewstew: where are you keeping him?
TheRobotMonkey: I started blending his body parts
stewymcstewstew: what are you making?
TheRobotMonkey: and flushing the remains
TheRobotMonkey: but the blender broke
TheRobotMonkey: and now I have half a corpse and a backed up toilet
stewymcstewstew: ouch
TheRobotMonkey: so I’ve just been shitting in Boo’s litter box
stewymcstewstew: i have a lime pit
TheRobotMonkey: don’t bother.
TheRobotMonkey: I’ll be in jail soon enough.
stewymcstewstew: someone misses him?
TheRobotMonkey: everyone became suspicious when I started returning his calls for him
TheRobotMonkey: and answering his phone
stewymcstewstew: who calls david??
TheRobotMonkey: I can’t tell you
TheRobotMonkey: you don’t wanna go down with me
stewymcstewstew: ok, deal

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