Mr. Night sky, can you come a little quicker? I don’t feel home in the day time, and I never will. There’s just always something missing from my world when the people are out scurrying.

Give me a town where everything is shut down, save for a dive on the corner where I can hang my hat.

Give me a town where the people have gone to bed, and won’t complain when I come stumbling and howling.

Mr. Night Sky, Mr. Night Sky, I’m on fire, can you hear me?

Mr. Night Sky, Mr. Night Sky, why’d you leave so soon?

I was behind the wheel of the car, and though I could see what was going on, I couldn’t get comfortable at all. My back was too arched, my feet were too far up, and the steering wheel seemed to far away. And I was dreaming of you.

Mr. Night Sky, I drank too much last night.

Mr. Night Sky, I didn’t say some things I should have said.

Mr. Night Sky, in the mornings I feel good as dead.

I’m a day late and several dollars short. I ate rice for a week to soak up the whiskey and sew my stomach back together. Every night I stand on the front porch looking for your stars, but they’re too dim to see in the street light.

Mr. Night Sky, I thought we were friends.

You stick with your friends no matter what. No matter the situation. Otherwise, what else would you call them? I’ll make no mistake and offer criticism unless it is due. And if it’s my business.

Mr. Night Sky, I dreamed about running away.

I got in my car and drove a thousand miles to the desert. When I got to the desert it started to rain and I took my clothes off and walked straight through it all. The cacti smiled and the vultures offered me my share. But I walked straight through it all.

I kicked every sign of life I saw and pissed in every oasis.

I took the sand in my hands and swallowed it whole, excreting powder for days, not caring a bit.

I fought a Gila monster in a race against time.

I came out just fine, Mr. Night Sky. I came out just fine.

Finally, I came to a house that had been made just for me thousands of years before by people I never met. You called them Anasazi, Mr. Night Sky. I called them family, the same way I call you brother. And we are brothers, Mr. Night Sky.

You can call it walking away, I’ll call it surrendering. Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away.

I’m waiting, brother. I’m waiting.

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