MyImpressiveWang (10:39:38 AM): Mr. Bill?
IAmBillLatham (10:39:43 AM): Mr. Chris
MyImpressiveWang (10:40:51 AM): How goes it?
IAmBillLatham (10:41:14 AM): pretty good. a little hungover. but mostly pretty good.
MyImpressiveWang (10:41:37 AM): Guess What?
IAmBillLatham (10:42:21 AM): you’re the DC Sniper?
MyImpressiveWang (10:42:53 AM): I’m Iming You From My Phone.
IAmBillLatham (10:44:04 AM): the world’s ending?
MyImpressiveWang (10:44:19 AM): i’m at a job interview. any tips for me?
IAmBillLatham (10:44:45 AM): be calm, be straightforward, lie through your teeth?
IAmBillLatham (10:45:53 AM): and sucking dick may seem a little old fashioned, but that’s how you get ahead in today’s job market
MyImpressiveWang (10:45:55 AM): i did put dc sniper on my resume.
IAmBillLatham (10:46:43 AM): excellent

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