Ok. Three quick directions for some things you need to do today if you live in or around Omaha. You can do this before work or after work. On your way to the bar. On your way to your family function. Just for the hell of it even. The point is, you gotta do it.

Step 1: Get in your car/on the bus/on your bike/walk/whatever the fuck you have to do

Step 2: Go to the Antiquarium

Step 3: Pick up the following local cd’s. Real Time Optimist “S/T”, Putrescine “S/T”, Sound Of Rails “Prelude Of Hypnotics”, Sound Of Rails “Night Time Simulcast”.

Step 4: Return home and listen. Or if you’re one of those lucky folks with a cd player in your car (you bastards), listen to them in there.

It’s important you pick these cd’s up. None of these bands are playing anymore as of the last month and a half.

Ok. Enough ranting.

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