SUNFISH04 (9:06:07 PM): be honest You dont want to go out because of my haircut
SUNFISH04 (9:06:12 PM): you’re such a bastard
IAmBillLatham (9:07:38 PM): yeah that’s it.
SUNFISH04 (9:07:50 PM): ok well you are now labeled as no fun, I’m going to go take a shower because I smell like a foot
SUNFISH04 (9:07:55 PM): good bye

IAmBillLatham (9:08:58 PM): your sister just officially labeled me as no fun
Thuggs1 (9:09:06 PM): really? what a bitch.
IAmBillLatham (9:09:21 PM): you should probably go flush the toilet a couple of times while she’s showering for me
Thuggs1 (9:09:33 PM): deal

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