Man, I can’t wait for Jonah to get back from Chicago. I miss my favorite drinking buddy. I suppose I better get used to it, since he’ll be there for good in a month. Come back soon, buddy.

In other news, I’m at work right now. I’m kind of bored. It’s pretty slow today and I have no complaints about this. Yesterday was hell. So was Sunday. I went home both days and my mouth was dried out and my throat was sore from talking to people so much.

Last night I went drinking with Tara at Brother’s. That was fun. I’ve known her brother for about the past six years or so, but never really knew her until this past summer. We drank beer and told stories. It was fun.

The past few days I’ve been listening to the Blues Explosion’s Orange almost non-stop. Jillian gave it to me for my birthday. It rocks balls.

The realization that I need a scanner is coming again. I have a lot of things that I want to scan right now and no way to do so. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and purchase one. But probably not.

And that’s all I got. Oh yeah.

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That is all.

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