If there’s one thing that amazes me, it’s how we as humans have to deal with life and death. I’m not talking about the religious or spiritual look at death here. I’m talking about how when it’s coming and you know it’s going to get you and your thoughts go racing. Everyone’s had a couple of close calls.

Sometimes I’m amazed that I’ve lived as long as I have. I say this, not because I am exceptionally old, but rather because I’ve had my share of close encounters that might have resulted in the big trip to the morgue.

I’m thinking about this because while I was driving to work yesterday, a semi truck almost merged onto me and another driver in my lane. When he noticed there were two cars in the lane he was trying to merge into he moved back into his own lane.

I’ve got to tell you though, I thought for a minute that an interestate smash up was going to be the end of it all.

Instead, the dumb ass got back in his own lane and I looked at him as I drove by. He pointed at his eye as if to say “I didn’t see you.”

I gave him the finger as if to say “you should have looked.”

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