Record Review

Lipstick Homicide, “Isn’t it Glorious?”, Public School Records
Rating: A+

Friday night I checked out the Bassturd show at Headhunter’s with Iowan acts Grism and Lipstick HomIcide. I bought a cd from Lipstick HomIcide and I’ve gotta give it two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I haven’t heard a full on pop-punk band done right in years. That changed last night. Lipstick HomIcide is pop-punk done right. Everything about this record is what I used to always want from music. It’s got hooks a plenty, break neck beats, and roaring guitars. It’s got fist pumping anthems a plenty. In the 24 hours the cd has been in my possession I’ve already listened to it six times through. I’ve even repeated a few tracks in a row- “paper route”, “solitaire”, and “Call it Art” have gotten more than just a few repeats.

It reminds me of bands like the Muffs, Mary Tyler Morphine, and Cleveland Bound Death sentence, while still retaining a charm all it’s own.

You can download the album directly from Public School Records HERE.