Have an Election Day Mix

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Election Day 2012 Mix

1. Frank Zappa- Hungry Freaks, Daddy
2. Rush- Freewill
3. The Thermals- I Might Need You To Kill
4. The Ambition Mission- Do You Believe In The Consitution?
5. Milemarker- Shrink to Fit
6. Burning Airlines- My Pornograph
7. Randy Newman- Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)
8. Against Me!- Baby, I’m An Anarchist!
9. The Frogs- The Flag
10. The Bassturd & Mary Streepy- Stupid Revolution
11. Phil Ochs- Changes
12. Q And Not U- Wet Work
13. Fugazi- Five Corporations
14. Report Suspicious Activity- Revenge
15. Negativland- Christianity is Stupid
16. Joe Walsh- A Life Of Illusion
17. The Melvins- Youth of America
18. Rory McLeod- What Would Jesus Do?
19. Bill Callahan- Faith/Void
20. Dillinger Four- The Great American Going Out of Business Sale

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