William “Bill” Edward Latham, 1982-2017

Bill was a truly amazing human being.

I’m trying to go through every public online blog entry he ever posted, starting with his Diaryland in 2001, and repost it here. There are a lot of gaps, because the internet is a very fickle place. For example, his livejournal has been purged (almost) completely, and appears to be unrecoverable. However, there are many other sources.

Additionally, I’m posting and sharing some things that Bill emailed or texted me privately (although nothing that I believe he’d have a problem with me sharing). If you have something like this that you’d like to add to the archive, please let me know by sending it to keef@keef.org.

What does exist from his old blogs is very of its time. Some of it, reading it now, makes me wince a little– the language Bill used as a teenager twenty years ago is very different from the language he used in his thirties. I don’t know how he’d feel about this stuff being yanked out of the depths of the internet and put back on display. He might wince, as I sometimes did. He might find it hilarious (as I often did). I feel that it’s important to make this as complete as I can, and the blog entries I’m posting are all out there to be found in the wild already (if you’re willing to use a little elbow grease and some sleuthing skills).

More details and information will be added as the work continues.

As of June 21, 2017, the archives are complete from:

LIVEJOURNAL (2004): COMPLETE (at least, as complete as it’s likely ever gonna get)
OLD BLOG (2010-2016): COMPLETE
OLD-OLD BLOG (2003-2010): INCOMPLETE. Done through Sep 1, 2003.


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