I Am Ed Gein

If i was a serial killer i would be Ed Gein .

The Original Leather face. Ed gein, started out as a grave robber, robbing graves for the remains of women around the age of 50 and using the bits and pieces that he found to furnish his house. Eventually moving up to living subjects Ed would go on to kill 3 local women whom he would decapitate, skin and leave on meat hooks in his basement.

He later went on to confess that he would fashion masks and vests out of the skin of the women he had killed, even going as far as cooking and eating their hearts. Ed believed that he had to do these killings because his dead mother told him to.

Silence of the lambs, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are just some of the many movies that have been inspired by the life of Ed Gein.

Kill Count: 3

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Lessons Learned

ReverendMajisto: because they moved it to Sokol, and dropped ticket prices
ReverendMajisto: So I get fucked over for 8
TheRobotMonkey: so what does that teach you about being prepared?
ReverendMajisto: never be prepared
ReverendMajisto: wait til the last minute
TheRobotMonkey: I’m glad you learned something today

Put this in your handy dandy notebook.

So I happened across this page today. Apparently, Steve of Blue’s Clues fame is a musician. I got a chuckle out of that idea and downloaded his mp3s that he had.

Then my jaw hit the floor. Somehow, and I’m not sure how folks, they don’t suck. They’re quite, quite good.

The page is amusing though. So check it out.

Dont Let Our Youth Go To Waste

Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste (Jonathan Richman)

I need to walk by the flowers with someone who can share my face
It looks like no one can take your place
And I could bleed in sympathy with you
on those days
and I could drink up everything you have
Don’t let it go to waste
I could give you memories to rival Berlin in the 30s
and I really understand your dating bar ways
And I could bleed in sympathy with you
on those days, and I could drink up everything you have
Don’t let it go to waste
Say something warm
Say something bright
I can’t stand to see you when you’re cold
Nor can I stand being out of your life
I could bleed in sympathy with you
on those days, and I could drink up everything you have
Don’t let our youth go to waste

I’m Not as Think as you Drunk I am

I keep trying to forget. I keep trying not to hold on.

But I can’t.

And I won’t.

Not yet.

I’m a mess of contradictions

And I hate myself sometimes.

This is one of those.

No signals.

No signs.

No maps.

No stars guiding my path.

What the am I supposed to do?

How am I supposed to feel?

To act?

To talk?

What do you want to hear?

Can you at least tell me?

Anticipation makes my head hurt.

I got drunk last night trying not to think.

It didn’t work.

So I was drunk and thinking.

I thought about you.

I thought about me.

I thought about drinking more.

So I drank more.

And I thought more.

And here I am again.

Still thinking.

Still drinking.

I won’t be going anywhere soon.

Nature Calls

shyButTerrified: so have you heard much by liars?
Auto response from TheRobotMonkey: Be Right Back! Nature is Calling!
shyButTerrified wants to directly connect.
shyButTerrified: fuckin liar.
TheRobotMonkey: what do you mean, fuckin’ liar?
TheRobotMonkey: I just took a huge shit
TheRobotMonkey: a HUGE SHIT
TheRobotMonkey: A PROLIFIC SHIT!
TheRobotMonkey: what did you do?

Happy Fuckin Valentines Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day. I suppose that’s a good reason to be bitter. As such, I thought I’d give a few excerpts from the wonderful book “You Are Worthless” on love.

“Love conquers all, rapes all, pillages all and leaves all for dead.”

“When you fall in love, get married and embark upon a life together, enjoy those first three or four years, because that’s how long it will last.”

“Have you considered a life of prostitution? As it is, you’re just going through the motions when you have sex. You might as well be getting paid.”

“No one will ever love you as much as your mother did, and her love for you completely fucked you up, let’s face it.”

“There’s nothing very special about your special someone. Anyone would have sufficed.”

“Why not try a personals ad? You’ll probably find someone who seems magically suited to you. That’s because everyone in the personals scene is just as lonely and pathetic as you are.”

“Love, it hurts like hell.”

“At the peak of orgasm, you probably don’t care who you’re having sex with.”

Ok, there you go. Happy Valentine’s Day you motherfuckers!

“The things youve grown to love will grow to hate you in the end. Be warned. You are not what you think you are.” –

Goddamn. I need a band again big time. I miss playing with other people. I miss playing for other people. I miss that feeling you get when you throw 3 people together and make music.
It’s been over a year since the last time I played in a band. I really miss it.

I’ve never really talked about it in here too much, or outside of here a lot. We were never really big locally or anything, but it was fun playing dammit, and towards the end people would come to the shows we played.

I’ve been thinking about it again a lot lately. This year, what with having the single room and all, it’s been really easy to play with an amplifier anytime of day, and just rock out by myself. I hated playing when my room mate was around last year because we didn’t appreciate the same music at all and he’d just get annoyed when I’d sit there toying with riffs for a couple hours trying to give them their own shape and what not.

I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Those were good times. We opened for some good bands (NO KNIFE, was the best one by far).

Oh well. Enough whining from me for now. But man do I miss that.