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So today I have been making French Onion Soup.

I'm using the Cooks Illustrated recipe, which is great thus far, but exceedingly time consuming. After a couple hours of working on the onions-- just the onions, mind you-- I took a quick phone snapshot of their delicious golden nature and sent it to a couple people, including Mr. Mike Ed Ringtone.

Here is that photo.

A few minutes later, Mr. Ringtone responded with a phone snapshot of his own:


An hour later, I had been working my way through the second of three eventual deglazings. The onions were turning a straight-up beautiful brown, and were starting to smell insanely delicious. I took another photo, and sent it to Mr. Ringtone.

Here is that photo:

And Mr. Ringtone responded again:

My French onion soup is still not done. It will be what is eaten for dinner tomorrow. THAT is what's up.

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