Hot Diggity Doop.

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday. I spent most of it sleeping. I was up all night the night before last, hammering out some fictiony goodness for my fiction writing class. I came up with nine pages of pretty damn good stuff, if I do say so myself. It’s the first chapter of this novel. I’m swearing to myself right now that I’m going to finish this fucker, even if (as has happened many times before) 90 pages into it I read it over and realize it’s shitty.

Goddamn Philosophy class. Here’s a direct goddamn quote from one of my teachers yesterday.

“I’m not concerned with how things work in the actual world.”

I swear to god. She said that. Jesus fucking Christ. I’m sorry, but I fail to see the usefulness of taking a class that has ABSOLUTELY NO PRACTICAL VALUE WHATSOEVER. Man oh man. Arg.

I only have two more weeks of class. Next Monday is the last day of my Fiction writing class. It’s also the day that my nine-pager is critiqued. Then I’ve got a final exam and a paper due for philosophy class on friday. Ayone got any suggestions for paper topics? The philosophical ramifications of Keanu Reeves having no eyebrows in The Matrix? Locke’s identity theories and the juxtaposition between my ass-cheeks as relevant to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies?

I’m running low on interesting shit. Here’s a funny picture of me drinking a forty-ounce of OE800 in front of a Budweiser truck.

Okay. I need to shower and get ready for class. I really ought to give the Captain a ring. And Dane. That rat-bastard. Anyway. Adios.

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