I’m Henry the Eighth I Am

I slept through class today. I really shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t mean to. I got enough sleep. Dammit. I have that final on Friday, a paper due friday, the revision of my chapter due Friday… I get the feeling I’m not going to be sleeping much until Saturday. At least I don’t have to do my radio show Friday night.


I cleaned my place today. Well, it’s mostly clean. It’s amazing, the sheer volume of shit I have. And I don’t even consider myself materialistic. I just have incredible amounts of junk cluttering up space. Most of it’s books. And CD cases. And electronic equipment. And clothes. And records. I’m going to pack a lot of the books up and put ’em in the storage space. The CD cases, too. Everything I can.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Goddammit.

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