So much for daily, eh?

Well, I guess if I update every few days that’s okay too.

I didn’t really do much this weekend.

Saturday was my first day on the job at the comic shop. I’m such a dork. It really wasn’t much like working at all. The majority of my duties, I suspect, will involve rifling through back issues and manning the front desk, which is all stuff that I pretty much do anyway. I was trained how to use the register- I’ve never touched one before. I was talking to Barb about it and she waid that it was truly remarkable that I reached the age of 22 without having my hands sullied by the use of a cash register. This is my first retail job.

I didn’t get any filming done. Everything fell through. I’ve got the camera till tomorrow at five, and I’m honestly thinking about pulling some guy in off the street, and saying “Here, hold this camera while I lay in bed with a blow-up doll.”

That’s the only shot that I really really need to have before I can start editing the whole thing together. There are some shots that I’d really like to have, and there are some re-shoots that I want to do, but this is the bare-bones minimum. i think I’m gonna have to call it off, film next weekend and then edit the week after that. This is the first chance I’ll have to actually edit one of my films, and I don’t want my efforts to be wasted on a piece of crap. It’s a shame folks like Jerry Bruckheimer can’t say the same thing.

My friend Karrey is one of the contestants on Survivorer II, a version of the show with e/n site admins instead of contestants. Go visit the site and root for her. Or I KILL you. Her web page is here, if you’ve never visited my links page and don’t want to bother with the Survivorer stuff but still want to know who Karrey is.

I’m still blank w/r/t an idea to do my big short story about for my class. Whee. Damn. Wrangdamn.

Barb was gone all weekend. I was lonely.

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