Happy Goddamn Independence Day, Fuckos

Ahhh, fourth of July. This day brings up many happy memories of sitting around Atlantic’s airport field in lawn chairs, surrounded by pickups and white trash, watching the JayCees set themselves on fire.

I spend the day in Ames. We hiked around Ledges State Park, our arms full of as many joyous things as we could carry into the wilderness to make ourselves feel more at home. We lugged a grill, several coolers, bags of potato chips and sodas.

It was actually a lot of fun. I walked in the stream, caught some tadpoles (there’s nothing that’ll make you feel more like a character from a Mark Twain novel) and chased guppies.

Plus, I played Frisbee, in the first real bout of activity I’ve had in a while. It was a lot of fun. I sweat like crazy. Honest to god, my shirt was a much darker shade of grey after playing Frisbee, because I was goddamn soaked. I don’t know a single person who sweats more than me. I am so damned sweaty.

My poor kids. I just know I’m gonna pass on the “Sweats Like a Sweaty Sweaty Bull Moose” gene.

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