busy, busy, busy

When I was young,
I was so gay and mean,
And I drank and chased the girls
Just like St Augustine.
St Augustine,
He got to be a saint.
So if I get to be one also,
Please, mama, don’t you faint.
-Bokonon’s 14th Calypso

I’ve been trying to include more pictures.

My weekend is going to be full of work. Work, work, work. I work tomorrow after noon and all day saturday and sunday. Man. But I found out today that for every hour I work at the comic shop, I get 45 cents store credit in addition to my wage! Woohoo!

So I’ve got a pretty good idea of how the first chapter of my new novel is going to go. I’m starting to get pretty damned nervous. I haven’t had any good ideas in so long and now this one’s shaping up really well. I’ve already taken some of the steps I needed to take to implement my project. Sorry I can’t get any more specific than that.

I get my mid-term back tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

Today in class we watched some bits and pieces of Heaven Can Wait, this 1970s movie with Warren Beatty in it that was recently remade into a shitty movie with Chris Rock in it. It was pretty good. We’ve got to read some Locke, and tomorrow we’re going to watch the read of the Warren Beatty movie and talk about it. Yeah, back to the frustrating norm.

I think that’s about it. I’m going to maybe watch a movie and try to get started on that first chapter tonight. Putting it down like that in my blog cements it and makes me get all nervous. My ears get all hot. I hope it goes well. Wish me luck.


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