I Feel Much Better Now, Thanks

I had another really long day today.

I woke up at noon and scrambled to make it to my first job. I set my clock fifteen minutes fast so when I wake up screaming “SHIT!” I’ll actually have a little more time. I woke up this morning and the clock said 12:04, and I was like “SHIT!” and I scrambled around and made it to work on time at noon. Then I worked till five-twenty, grabbed lunch, and went to my other job, where I worked till nine. Then I came back home, got here about nine-thirty, and found out that I would need to cover Barb’s radio show at 10:00 till one. Got to the station and found out that someone else was covering it, so I went out with Irving and Monika.

We played pool! I drank beer! Fun was had. I was really hit and miss. I pulled off a couple of really incredible shots, and won quite a few games, but there were also times when I sucked ginormous wang and lost several games. And there was BEER!

Now here’s a “teaser” image from my upcoming Special on Iowa City’s own Public Access Channel.

I’m getting unnerved by all the people who have high expectations of me. I keep running into people who know who I am and what I do and like it. Today I ran into three different people who were like “Hey, Keef!” or “Hey, you’re Keef!” or “HEY MAN! I’m having a baby!”

And they all know something I’ve had a hand in. “Didn’t you just put out a wacky comic?” or “I really like your stuff. You’re gonna make it, and then I’ll be like ‘I know that famous guy!'” or “Do you know where I can buy fish food?”

And of course, I have to play it up, so I’m like “Yeah, well, this book I’m writing is coming along nicely…” or “Yeah, you should check out the site, I included The Drinker’s Guide to Iowa City,” or “You know where the porn shops are? If you’re walking towards the one with the big neon sign, there’ll be a pet store on your left.”

Well, anyway. I had a good night. I’m feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow’s the day that my chapter gets workshopped. I hope it goes pretty well. YAY! I’m going to go pass out now. With a gut full of Bud Light. YIPPEE!

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