I Feel Like Elvis Longing For His Long-Lost Twin

So the Leech said to me a few days ago:

Wesley says: “stew” says i should do the comic strip, and wonderfully, he wants me to give him anal…yey

He’s gone to the Art Supply store and picked up some Art Supplies. I eagerly await the first installment of Leech’s Funnies, and if you have any goddamn sense at all, you do too.

My friend Harold went up to Canada while he was visiting last month, and he brought back a pack of Canadian smokes. I don’t know how aware y’all are about Canada’s surgeon-general warnings, but here’s the pack Harold brought back:

Most of their packs are far more blatant, including color photography of fucked-up gums, lungs, et cetera. Right on the package. Apparently, metal cigarette cases are coming into vogue in a big way up North.

And relatedly:

tee hee! I’m gonna work 55 hours this week, and I still won’t make as much money as my friend Nate who’s on unemployment. Yay!

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  1. handy man asks, "guess what I'm touching?" says:

    The talk about global warming here is pretty serious, the guy (james lovelocke) who originated gaia theory (really just systems theory applied to the globe, he’s not a newager) has been on the front page of the independent and on bbc radio 4 saying that a 7 meter rise in sea levels is almost inevitable within the next 50 years. He is essentially saying ‘screw trying to work with the rest of the world on this, the big polluters don’t care cause they have sufficient land-mass to just move things around to the areas that aren’t effected. Britian needs to develop nuclear power, for energy independence, and begin moving people out of the low lying areas, eg. London.’ I’ve been reading a lot about this and have come to the conclusion that the powerful simply didn’t take it seriously until the evidence was overwhelming and now have decided to just wait until the shit hits the fan before they do anything. Either that or they are relying on some kind of crazy climate manipulation plan/technology. Meanwhile, the nuclear industry is happy to promote all the scarey stuff, to their advantage. Perhaps I am to some degree just a victim of that…it wouldn’t be the first time.


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