Feelin’ Like the Ice Cube In Yer Glass… Melting Away

Man oh man.

I’ve been pushing cart-loads of books uphill outside for the last two days. The heat index is 115, and the actual temperature is 100. Man oh man. The only thing that keeps me going is the ten bucks an hour- I even made up a little song. “Buck every six minutes, buck every six minutes, buck every six minutes, soon I’ll pay my rent.”

So my pop, in his searches through his wife’s dad’s old house, unearthed some ancient comics. Apart from smelling like mildew in a major way, they’re full of kitsch value.

Superman comics in the fifties and sixties were so damn wacky. I love ’em.

Those kids won't think twice about this panel.

Gosh, Superman, I didn’t think about that.

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