Man, I used to update this thing all the time. Maybe it’s time to start doing that again. Yes, that seems about right.

I got my Fun Fun Fun Fest ticket today:

Fun Fun Fun Fest

I’m totally excited to see Devo, Snapcase, Mastadon, Bad Religion, The Hold Steady, Monotonix, The Gories, Cap’n Jazz, and the Dwarves. I’m suspicious about Weird Al Yankovich, but I’ll probably catch a little bit of his set anyway. It can’t be too bad, I don’t think (granted this is coming from the same guy who stood through an entire confusingly stupid hour of Andrew WK spoken word).

I turned 29 four days ago. Yep, still getting older. Here’s why I felt older today: In addition to Fun Fun Fun Fest, I’ll be seeing the Pixies and Guided By Voices in September. These are all advance ticket purchases. I felt old because there are tickets involved for things I’m not even going to do for another 2-3 months. Look at all that planning ahead. Fuckin’ old fart!

Things have been pretty chill for awhile. I started working from home in February and I’ve been exercising a lot more. I started running again. I haven’t done a lot of that in the past few years and the running has started to feel really good to me again. I like listening to music, focusing on the run and my pacing, and being out in the sun when I get the chance (if it’s really hot out, I run after 9pm when the sun goes down). It feels good too. I go five days a week and rest two days. Usually I try to keep my running days as the same days that I’m working because it’s especially nice to leave the house for 30-40 minutes following work after being home all day long. I may be spending a lot more time at home than I used to, but I make sure to get out of the house as much as possible when I can.