SXSW 2012

Bumping Uglies- More War Less Taxes

Bumping Uglies- Instrumental

Bumping Uglies- I Will Stand Here My Lord

Bumping Uglies- The Poops

Bumping Uglies- Glow In The Dark

Bumping Uglies- ???

The Depaysement from Japan

Sleepytime Trio- Jesus Extract

Here’s what I saw this year:

Black Tusk, Holy Grail, The Shrine, Whirr, Primitive Weapons, Saviours, Cro-Mags, Fear, Ichi Ni San Shi, Come and Take It, Manikin, Jack Toft, Bumping Uglies, The Depaysement, Sleepytime Trio, Trip Crystals, Doctor Bones, Lick Lick, Woodgrain, Motopenny, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Seahaven, Regents, Tim Barry, Colisem, Anti-Flag*, Darkest Hour, Braid, Hot Water Music, Diamond Rugs, the Tough Shits, the Shivas, the Coathangers, Lust Cats of the Gutter, Terrible Twos, The Well, Mean Jeans, some fucking hippy band that was literally nameless**, The Burning Itch, Nightmare Boyzzz, Tough Shits, Grape Street, The Dead Space, Burnt Ones, Teenage News, Women in Prison, Fleshlights

*this happened because I was dead set on seeing Braid & Hot Water Music. I had a front row spot to hold too, which made it even worse.

**this happened because the Back Pockets were unable to perform and it took me a minute to figure out which person was running the show to ask what was going on.

Here’s where I went:
Scoot Inn, Beerland, Ghost Room, Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Club 1808, The Grackle, Red Seven, Auditorium Shores, Liberty Bar, Spiderhouse, and the House of Commons