Nature Calls

shyButTerrified: so have you heard much by liars?
Auto response from TheRobotMonkey: Be Right Back! Nature is Calling!
shyButTerrified wants to directly connect.
shyButTerrified: fuckin liar.
TheRobotMonkey: what do you mean, fuckin’ liar?
TheRobotMonkey: I just took a huge shit
TheRobotMonkey: a HUGE SHIT
TheRobotMonkey: A PROLIFIC SHIT!
TheRobotMonkey: what did you do?

Happy Fuckin Valentines Day

So it’s Valentine’s Day. I suppose that’s a good reason to be bitter. As such, I thought I’d give a few excerpts from the wonderful book “You Are Worthless” on love.

“Love conquers all, rapes all, pillages all and leaves all for dead.”

“When you fall in love, get married and embark upon a life together, enjoy those first three or four years, because that’s how long it will last.”

“Have you considered a life of prostitution? As it is, you’re just going through the motions when you have sex. You might as well be getting paid.”

“No one will ever love you as much as your mother did, and her love for you completely fucked you up, let’s face it.”

“There’s nothing very special about your special someone. Anyone would have sufficed.”

“Why not try a personals ad? You’ll probably find someone who seems magically suited to you. That’s because everyone in the personals scene is just as lonely and pathetic as you are.”

“Love, it hurts like hell.”

“At the peak of orgasm, you probably don’t care who you’re having sex with.”

Ok, there you go. Happy Valentine’s Day you motherfuckers!

“The things youve grown to love will grow to hate you in the end. Be warned. You are not what you think you are.” –

Goddamn. I need a band again big time. I miss playing with other people. I miss playing for other people. I miss that feeling you get when you throw 3 people together and make music.
It’s been over a year since the last time I played in a band. I really miss it.

I’ve never really talked about it in here too much, or outside of here a lot. We were never really big locally or anything, but it was fun playing dammit, and towards the end people would come to the shows we played.

I’ve been thinking about it again a lot lately. This year, what with having the single room and all, it’s been really easy to play with an amplifier anytime of day, and just rock out by myself. I hated playing when my room mate was around last year because we didn’t appreciate the same music at all and he’d just get annoyed when I’d sit there toying with riffs for a couple hours trying to give them their own shape and what not.

I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Those were good times. We opened for some good bands (NO KNIFE, was the best one by far).

Oh well. Enough whining from me for now. But man do I miss that.

Drip Drip

man. my new layout is HOT, if I do say so myself.
i’m not sure who the guy who made it is, but props to him, I must say.

it’s sunday. lazy sunday.

and that’s about it.


instead your legs should be standing up
instead of folding your hands you should be giving them out

instead of turning your back you should be showing your face

why do you walk away

hot water music, facing and backing

I got the new ink done yesterday and that went really well. I’m really happy with how it came out.

now, granted I’ve only had two tattoos, but this is something I’ve learned:

tequilla, jagermeister, and beer gets rid of the new tattoo feel a whole hell of a lot quicker than tylenol. so I recommend, the alcohol approach to just about everyone.

I had fun last night. I was good to see mike, barb, keef, and Harold. I really should be over there more. I think that’s my new year’s resolution. hang out with all my pals a lot more. yeah.

tonight should be fun too. it’s been a few months since i last saw meth and goats. i’ll be definently looking forward to that show.

and i think that about wraps it all up for now.

Tonight’s Forecast:

Drunk as a poet on payday.