First Entry Bits!

So Dave from Massachussets conned me into starting one of these suckers up. So I did it. Dave, this one’s for you.

For those of you who know me, this is gonna be pretty much a history lesson.

I’m Bill. I’m 20. I’m from Council Bluffs, Iowa right over by Omaha, Nebraksa. It’s so close to Omaha that some people around here in Iowa City forget I’m from Council Bluffs completely.

Oh well. If you’ve ever lived in Council Bluffs then lived somewhere else you’d like to forget it too.

I’m a couple months into my second year at the University of Iowa. It’s been a swell time. I like it here a lot.

I like music alot. Some of my favorite bands are Drive Like Jehu, Dillinger Four, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cursive, the Beatles, the Faint, the Animals, Murder City Devils, Alkaline Trio, and Elvis Costello and the Attractions. Actually, there are entirely too many bands for me to list that I like. Too many.

I also like beer. Pabst and Firebrick are two favorites of mine. Pabst is a reason that I signed up for this. Aside from Dave’s suggestion. Maybe Pabst and Dave aren’t a good combination. Oh well. I forgive him.

I play the guitar too. I’m currently looking too start a band. If you’re a bass player or drummer, you should e-mail me. As long as you didn’t want to be in the Locust, Lifehouse, or Creed, we might have something in common.

I haven’t smoked at all today. Good for me. Though I really want one right now.

My mom is sending me a union suit. To see a picture of it go here:

I can’t wait to have underwear like Dennis the Menace. Maybe I should walk around Iowa City with the back door half open. On second thought, that might be an invite for some action that I’m not ready for. Maybe I won’t.

Hmmmm, what else should I add? I started this entry at 11:17. Right now, it’s 11:40. That either means I’m a slow writer or I’ve drank more than I think I have. Hmmmmmmm.

Well, lets see.


I’m really at a loss for what too write.

You should probably visit this webpage instead for entertainment:

And that’s that for the #1 entry.

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