I had a really weird dream after I went back to bed.

I was driving my car on the interstate when all of a sudden, on it’s own, it accelerated to over 100 mph. I kept trying to brake and I removed my foot from the gas pedal, but it kept going faster.

There were lots of hills on the interstate and my car kept flying over them, much like that chase scene in the movie Bullitt.

Finally it was too much. My car was going up a very tall hill and at the last moment, I dove out the door and rolled onto the interstate before landing on my feet. Apparently in my dreams I have ninja-like reflexes.

I watched my car crash at the bottom of the hill in a smoldering wreck.

It was then that it turned into a fifty foot tall, sphinx-like, marble statue of my car. There were State Troopers flocking all around it (I wonder how they ended up in my dream? Ha ha.). Then I had to call my dad and tell him what happened.

“I crashed the car and it turned into a 50 foot tall statue.” I said.

He hung up on me.

That dream was awesome.

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