The Pulses- S/T- 2002 Dirtnap Records

Well, it’s been awhile since I bought an album that wasn’t a download- such an interesting contrast from the vinyl I used to spend hours searching out- but, Dirtnap didn’t offer downloadable albums & the cd was only $8- and worth every penny to put back in my collection again.

The Pulses- S/T- 2002 Dirtnap Records


The late, great Dave Sink turned me onto this record the summer after I moved back to Council Bluffs from Iowa City for the last time. I had it on LP, back then. And a cassette for the tape deck in my Blazer. Played the hell out of it. Everyone of these songs is pure energy. Sometimes it’s quite sloppy. Sometimes it’s quite loud. It rocks. Favorite tracks include “Obviousness”, “Pacemaker”, “Move On” & “You’re Still Young”. I remember listening to the A-Side a lot on vinyl. Listening to the whole album uninterrupted all the way through is nice.

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